Apricot drying

The first picture shows some of our apricots drying on wooden drying trays in the sun. A major summer activity, in addition to the picking and grading of fruit, is cutting and drying.

These trays were treated with the conventional sulphur, as sulphur is used as a preservative to retain the colour and prevent the fruit from going mouldy during and after drying.

The second photo shows our ‘Logisolar’  Solar Dryer. We dry most of our fruit sulphur-free, using our solar dryer, which dries the fruit within 24 hours.  This rapid drying prevents mould and retains the colour without the need for preservative.

Our Solar Dryer inventor and builder, Tim Steele, dropped in for a routine maintenance visit.
Trays of cut apricots drying in the sun

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