About Biodynamics

Demeter logoBiodynamics is an enhancement of what is known as “organic agriculture”. It is based on the work of the Austrian scientist and philosopher Dr. Rudolph Steiner, and adapted for Australian conditions by Mr. Alex Podolinsky. It is a holistic life affirming approach, and isĀ  more than a farming technique.

It involves improving the soil structure and fertility by increasing the microbial and earthworm activity of the soil. This is assisted by the application of biodynamic preparations, which are produced, stirred and applied under exacting conditions, in order to ensure their maximum effectiveness.

The trees and ground cover plant species are therefore fed through the soil ecosystems, and not by water soluble fertilisers.

Soil fertility is also assisted by the application of basalt rock dust and rock phosphate, by the growing of legumes and by returning all plant material to the soil by slashing and brushcutting the orchards.

Orchard management is aimed at maintaining and improving soil structure and vitality. No chemical fertilisers, insecticides or herbicides are used.

Please visit the Demeter Biodynamic website for further information : http://demeterbiodynamic.com.au


Flowering fruit trees
Flowering fruit trees