Biodynamic Veggie Garden

Providing Biodynamic fresh produce which is hand harvested from gardens rich in biodiversity.

Emphasizing real taste and quality. See how the nutritious vegetables are grown, harvested and valued in our farms overlapping enterprises.

Springtime photo of the garden. Planting time for a productive summer vegetable garden.

Through establishing healthy soils, boosting biodiversity and encouraging natural pest predators, the gardens are thriving with life.

Barely a day passes without finding Renae working in her bio-dynmaic vegetable gardens: From seed to harvest, I love the role of caring for the plants, watching them develop and flourish into delicious healthy produce you can enjoy. Our produce is completely chemical free, all hand sown and hand harvested on farm ready for sale. Instilled in me by my Mum, Denise, I have learnt to market garden since I could walk. As a kid I could be found munching through the abundant variety of fresh produce growing in the gardens or examining a wide range of insects and grubs.

Cover crops are used to add nutrition and diversity to the garden beds. The sheep are let in to naturally incorporate the range of cover crop species into the soil through poop and trampling!

The biodynamic vegetable production is a year round exercise. The most prolific time is through summer with crops such as sweetcorn, zucchinis, heirloom and cherry tomatoes, Richmond green apple cucumbers, button squash, rainbow chard, spaghetti squash, numerous pumpkin varieties, kale, cabbages and beetroot.

Sales of veggies is mostly kept local through the monthly farmers markets in the region. Buying groups in Adelaide are valued customers as well as individuals who regularly order vegetables. If you are interested in purchasing our produce please get in contact with us as delivery options could be worked out. We also supply produce to The Simple Market store on Henley Beach Rd in Adelaide.

A large variety of pumpkins; Heirloom and traditional favorites are grown.